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Smart Statement Solution (3S)

Many companies struggle with the issue of finding how to exploit the potential of a well-defined customers portfolio so as to sell additional products. Sometimes these additional products increase the standard of currently used services or are completely new. If a company sends its customers periodic settlements in electronic form (e.g. electronic invoices or billings) it turns out that the missing piece is a solution, that would allow to deliver the settlement to the customer together with an additional offer, in an attractive electronic form.

The solution to this problem, which provides IT support for the process of selling services (cross-selling and up-selling), is the product recommended by Exence Global – Interactive Account Document (IAD). IAD is a tool from the Interactive Statement category, built on the basis of Exence Global copyright components and developed under the name Smart Statement Solution (3S).

Business assumptions

The basic idea is to regularly be in contact with our clients providing electronic invoices, statements, etc. The company may use the opportunity to offer new, attractive products and services. With this solution, the company is able to direct the offer towards the appropriate group of customers and provide it as a part of monthly settlement. The document might be delivered via e-mail, using an electronic customer service or a specially dedicated application for mobile devices. The settlement provides the customer tangible benefits gained by the purchase of the new service or product. (“Analyzing Mrs/Mr consumption and costs the transition to the new product will bring Mrs/Mr XX,- USD/EUR savings per month).

Our product ultimately allows you to analyze the relevance of defined group of customers for specific products or services and thus to evaluate the efficiency of selling certain services.

Mode of action

The settlement is a self-dependent, simple and interactive application that the customer may run on any of the popular web browsers (HTML5) or using Adobe Reader (PDF). The document provides a visually attractive form of billing information, an additional offer and enables the customer to analyze their payments. The solution provides the opportunity to prepare dedicated settlement documents containing products targeted at specific customers.

Trade and sector

Smart Statement Solution (3S) i sedicated to service companies with well-defined customers portfolios, especially:

  • Telecommunication sector (telephone, television, Internet),
  • Financial sector: banking, insurance,
  • Utilities sector: energy production, gas manufacturing.

Solution is dedicated to a large and medium-sized companies which provide services to mass customers.

Benefits of 3S implementation:

    Support in defining targeted groups.
    Measurable results of the campaign.
    Personalized offer.
    Supporting the realization of campaigns for different types of marketing strategies.
    Reducing the time needed for the preparation and realization of marketing campaign.
    Increase sales.
    Improving your company’s image.
    New communication channels for marketing available.
    Low cost of reaching the customer.
    Possibility to prepare personalized offers for selected customers on a historical data basis.
    Monitoring the costs and effects of a marketing campaign.
    Ability to respond quickly to the effects of a current campaign.
    Reducing the risk of an ineffective campaign – costs effectiveness.
    Increasing customer comfort and satisfaction.
    Direct communication between a customer and the company.
    Faster customer service.

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